Corrections and Retractions

What to do in cases regarding Corrections and Retractions                                                                                                    

Protocols, and procedures concerning Corrections and Retractions. In case of serious errors or scientific misconduct, the article may be retracted at any stage of the publishing process. If minor errors are found that do not affect the overall results or conclusions of the study, a correction statement will be published in the next available issue.

If errors that affect the scientific meaning of the article are found in a published paper, the journal will publish a correction both in print and online. The journal will take responsibility if the errors were caused by the publishing staff during the editing and publishing process. If the errors were caused by the authors, the journal will publish a correction, and the authors will be responsible for paying the respective publishing charge (see journal site for rates). The correction will be published in the earliest possible issue on numbered pages, and the correction title should be included in the issue table of contents. The changes made should be clearly and fully described in the text.

If fraudulent behavior is suspected, a further investigation may be initiated, and the authors' employers or governing bodies may be contacted for the investigation.